Bob Brozman

June 29, 2013     This listing has been removed has learned first hand from a reliable source that the serious allegations of child abuse at the hands of Bob Brozman actually come from a member of his own (former) family ! The allegation is that he had molested his stepchild over a long period of time. There is also a high possibility that he has molested other children over a period of decades, as is typical for pedophiles. This information had been sporadically posted at various internet sites, but we were not prepared to publish it without independent verification. There have also been several members of the Santa Cruz music community who have indicated publicly that they are not surprised by these allegations.

The internet music community raged in controversy over this. It is now time for all to stand down and to recognize how painful this experience is for the victim(s). The vilification that has fallen upon the accusers who finally mustered the courage to publicly come out with the sad reality that Bob Brozman, the person who many have glorified into a guitar-hero , may well have been a pedophile. People don’t seem to understand the timing of the accusation, nor the fact that these public revelations were evidently withheld for many years.

First, nobody has a right to place value judgements on when and how, if at all, a victim of child abuse have to reveal their identity and disclose the nature of their victimization. Nor do victims of abuse owe anybody an explanation or “proof” as the very nature of the crimes against them. Secondly, there are many reasons why victims may decide against disclosure , especially if the abuser is much more powerful, wealthy and influential than they are. The power of image, as we have seen in this case, easily lets the stars’ followers and admirers side with the charismatic victimizer, who they adore and support. It is shameful to blame the victims for anything.

By now, there is a strong case that Mr. Brozman may have chosen to end his life rather than face these public charges and to answer in a court of law for the charges that were to be  filed. Therefore, the internet mob accusations against the timing of the revelations are unfounded. The frequent misinformation is that the accusers waited until after Brozman’s death to besmirch his reputation at a time when he was unable to defend himself. This is factually incorrect. The suicide followed the fact that a longtime victim has decided to go public and file civil charges. Then, when glorious and sycophant biographies were published worldwide, some people boldly spoke out and shattered the image bubble by revealing that accusations of child abuse were pending. People did not like to hear it, but that does not matter.

As such, the music world may never see a solution and closing to this.

This is a very painful matter for all. All involved are suffering. Nobody wins. It is a sad, sad situation.

May 19, 2013 . This page has received a huge amount of traffic from people searching for information about the allegations against Bob Brozman over the last weeks. is a music site. There are credible allegations made by people who stand to lose a great deal if these allegations are proven untrue. Gary Atkinson, the president of Document Records, as well as Bob Brozman’s ex-wife, have come forth with very serious charges, including the assertion that several people, alleged longtime victims of child molestation, have filed criminal charges in court against Bob Brozman.

There are suspicious circumstances and reason the be concerned. Firstly, it seems unlikely that people close to Mr. Brozman would fabricate such profoundly serious public statements shortly after his suicide, in response to glowing published obituaries. Doing so would expose them to massive international libel lawsuits by the estate and ruin their own professional lives. Nor does it seem likely that a highly respected individual, like Gary Atkinson, would drag his own child into a public forum in this context.

This matter is causing a great deal of anger and even vitriol among some of Mr. Brozman’s fans, who are decrying the accusation, discrediting the accusers and demanding “proof.”  This matter will very likely not find a legal conclusion and “proof” may not be forthcoming. After Mr. Brozman’s suicide, any legal charges vanish because you cannot make a trial without a defendant. The victim(s) who were assumably willing to take this matter through the court system after years of suffering privately,  are now in a position that this very painful matter will have no legal recourse. The legal case is over.

Should they now be required to go public just to provide proof and appease fans and the public, only to again face the same angry mob that has spit fire all over the music forums? No sensible person would subject themselves to that, nor are they required to. Consequently, the victims are not willing to reveal their identity. They are not obligated to let their names get dragged to the mud. Since they are now unable to seek justice they are best advised to retreat into obscurity.

If these allegations were untrue – meaning that there were actually no criminal charges pending against Mr. Brozman at the time of his suicide and all of this was a huge fabrication, we assume that by now someone would have vigorously objected to these claims. If anyone publicly and falsely accused someone of systemic child abuse over many decades, and published such allegations in any way, the normal response would be vigorous denials and outrage. In this case the family and the estate have kept uncharacteristically quiet. On the basis of these rather compelling testimonies by people close to the artist, and in absence of any denials by either the family, the estate or the legal system, we must assume that there is a high possibility that there is merit to the allegations.

Sadly, Mr. Brozman’s profile on this site has consequently been removed in solidarity with the victims. The dark cloud of this heinous matter overshadows his musical work and eradicates his personal legacy, and far exceeds the value of musical entertainment.

Little Feat was right:

“Well, they say time loves a hero 
But only time will tell 
If he’s real, he’s a legend from heaven 
If he ain’t he’s a mouthpiece from hell”

Publishers Note. Nov. 3, 2014

People! As of today, more than 16,000 readers from around the world have come to this page…for a musicians whose profile has been removed. It’s sad and disappointing that there is so much interest in a man whose work has been discredited by his own reprehensible and despicable actions. Now its sensational, but I would rather it not be. When you are here visiting this site, please remember that features many great musicians who are keeping the acoustic blues alive today…worthy people to read about. While you are here, please check out the music, find some new sounds and connect to the acoustic blues scene worldwide, instead of only reading about one bad apple.